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This is the best pool in DisneyWorld!

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Wise words to live by!

I just moved my youngest daughter from Disneyland to DisneyWorld.  Yes…you read that right…moved her!  She works for Disney and was transferring to Florida.  Living the dream!

The drive took us five days.  Luckily, we had perfect weather.  Totally unlike what I left behind in Idaho, where we are experiencing the worst winter in 80 years.  I will post more on that later.  Right now, I am can’t wait to share where we stayed in DisneyWorld!

Since Erin works for Disney, we were able to stay at the Disney Beach Club Resort and enjoyed the #1 pool in the property.  DisneyAddicts just posted an article rating the top 10 pools at DisneyWorld.


This is the view from our room of the pool.  We got in a little too late that night to take advantage of it, but believe me…we did the following day!



I also took a few pictures of the lobby.  This is a wonderful hotel and worth every penny!

We found this adorable picture in our room also.  I just love Disney!


Here are a few photos of the room I pulled from the Disney website.  They even had hidden Mickey’s in the shower curtain!  We had a small balcony with chairs and a table where we could enjoy the sunset.  And let me tell you about those beds….like sleeping on a cloud!



  1. Frank says:

    That was fun! Are you available to answer questions? Thanks


  2. Frank says:

    That is an amazing looking pool. I want to swim there today. 27 degrees out! Brrrrrr


  3. Sue says:

    That is an amazing pool! The hotel is awesome too!


  4. disneydavina says:

    This looks so gorgeous! I’ve always been a Disneyland girl, but I’ll have to add DisneyWorld to my bucket list.


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Wise words to live by!
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